The Beautiful Game

The game is forever changing becoming faster, with more skilled players but football has evolved over the past century quite drastically in my opinion. Have a look at this great video below of Ronaldhino in the famous El Clasico (Barcelona versus Real Madrid) back in 2005.

I can imagine almost 15 different ways on how players would react in today’s game in bringing down an opponent to prevent them from getting to goal. The game has become much more tactical and now requires much more discipline with gamesmanship.

Here’s my personal views on the two type of people in football.

Football is also such a threatric and dramatic game. There’s no other game in the world that brings us all together. People of all races, creeds and backgrounds. People with various interests. When the World Cup comes around, we remember.

Not too long ago, I looked back on this

There is little to describe the euphoria and emotion behind the game in moments like these.

Manchester City tied with QPR and in injury time. Their rivals United had just won their game meaning a win would tie City with United at the top of the table but goal difference would promise them the edge. Only one goal was needed to make the difference. See for yourself.

This is one of my favourite clips. From zero to hero. Check it out.

It’s for moments like these that the most amazing position to spectate this is as the referee of the match.

This is football.

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