Week 1 & 2

Plenty of work on referee education and powerpoints in Week 52 wrap-up. Having finished a few of these, I spent some time getting feedback from other referees to mould and be ready for the presentation. I got some good feedback and hope to prepare some good quality sessions.

Having finished blog week, I removed half the buffer of posts I had in the pipeline I meant to save for the future but hope everyone enjoyed it. I reached an all-time high in visits on the last day of blog week thanks to Refsworld and Dutch Referee’s share of my final post, the Second Look.

The weather has been having a lot of fun with us. I think this was the real Winter orientation with temperatures leaving us at a feels like of -40 C and boatloads more of snow. I stopped in a coffee shop on the way to classes just for a break before I froze solid during the walk.



The business never slows down because a return to some referee action spelt my second witness of referee assault in such a short period of time. Looks like I’ll be attending my first hearing as part of the referee crew. That had been a busy night for Futsal and report writing, not to mention freezing cold. Literally. I had to chip ice off the door handle to get into the car with my co-ref!



I also got the FIFA 11+ DVD in the mail. Completely forgot I had asked for this.


There was plenty to work on with my Futsal league’s second season rolling in. Registration ended and we have at least 85 teams with teams/players to be confirmed later on. I couldn’t help feeling disappointed that I couldn’t reach much higher but hopefully that end goal will be attained in the near future.

I spent some time working on ensuring the equipment is ready for the kick-off happening soon and pulled out the referee match cards from the gamebag with this pile! Almost 150 matches played. Plenty more in store for this Winter season.


Much more excitingly, I had written up a training video plan for Futsal scenarios that weren’t published online. Having had that ready for more than a month, I managed to organise a session on Wednesday evening with a few dedicated friends to produce some phenomenal material. Anyone in Futsal can appreciate it and its a great way to learn more about the sport if you already haven’t been exposed to it. See the links at the bottom of the Futsal Education page!


More recently I had a HI run after just over a week off but with a larger group this time. In fact double the usual amount and it was much more engaging and easier with the group dynamic. Hopefully I can keep my training regular.

Lesson plans and plenty of background organisation going on in running my second Futsal referee clinic this week. These refs don’t know what we have in store for them. Looking forward to it.

I also have my instructing session at the end of the week for Simulation.

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