Week 7

I stumbled upon the following clip from JMGA.

This was definitely a steal of a clip to finally support the elusive DOGSO-F IDFK.


Ran again after a while on Friday morning.

According to the training effect, 4.8, apparently I needed a few days rest because I was near Overreaching in my training but the run certainly didn’t feel worse or more strenuous than the last time.

I didn’t feel particularly sore other than lightly on my hamstring and calves. I’ve noticed those muscles have really strengthened since training somewhat regularly and hope to feel the rewards in the outdoor season.

Teaching Opportunity

Something more interesting and unexpected happened on Friday. To my surprise, I was invited to instruct a session on Simulation at a branch 100+ km away! Transport was arranged and it simply was the commitment to be given. Knowing a lot of referees in the branch, I accepted and looked forward to the opportunity.

I was secretly happy I hadn’t put up my post on Simulation yet here to give away all the info.

To my even bigger surprise, I was taken aback how fast the news rippled and all the messages came in from the referees surprised and excited at my presence on a list of prestigious instructors running sessions. I was the only non-certified instructor on a list of Provincial and National instructors.

Playing Futsal

Playing once again on Saturday but our opponents were just too good. 14-5 loss and a slightly sore knee. More so from hitting the floor and burnt skin. My team was short players at the start and luckily had enough for the minimum. I have become a bit more comfortable in the role of a goalkeeper but certainly don’t have the equipment (tape, knee pads, elbow pads). Wrist was fine this time around though.


Reffing & Managing Futsal

This was an interesting day. I couldn’t but help feel disappointed I didn’t receive a Futsal Cup appointment earlier in the week; it’s a once in a year opportunity and was perhaps my last for this competition.

Sunday nights as usual is Futsal night with the All-Star division but I had plenty on my mind. I had invited guests to come spectate the games on the night to look for talent in the league. I arrived near kick-off time for the first two games that I was there to watch. I hurried around ensuring that everything was set-up for the big night for the league’s top division. Slowly but surely the distinguished guests arrived to spectate and we ensured that they were provided with information.

The rest of the night was chatting with players, analysis of playing styles while I was spectating and preparing for my games. Soon enough my trio of games began and I was ready to go. The games were an interesting set but I was definitely wearing out over time.

The last game was a re-match of the previous term’s final so there was definitely plenty of interest and since players were much more comfortable with Futsal, there was something to be seen. The game went back and forth with the runners-up last term putting on a great showing but only a few minutes before the end of the second half in my corner of the diagonal, the ball went out for a kick-in to the defending team. The goalkeeper picked up the ball and slowly walked over before handing it off to a teammate. As the teammate set-up the ball and turned to take a few steps back, I had already begun the count (when the goalkeeper’s slow walk was evident) – this is done because the league is not stop-clock and so referees must ensure game flow is promoted. Just as the defender scanned the court for an option, I blew the whistle to indicate that four seconds (of decision time) was completed.

In shock, there were a few appeals for an attacker failing to respect the required distance but he was at minimum 4m away and clearly not the obstructing/delay factor to the kick-in. In the span of three minutes, their opponents scored three goals to equalise and take a two goal lead. The decision had been a decisive moment in the game. There was a little dissent that followed but the game went on and things were quiet at the end. Everyone was thinking about the decision. So was I.

I remembered something I had heard not a long time ago.

Referees are not meant to be liked, they are to be respected.


The rest of the week was quite quiet in fact almost nothing. Having done a 4.8 session late last week, playing and refereeing on the weekend, this week was meant to be quiet and rest. I did review footage on the UEFA Euro Futsal finals to find two very interesting excerpts that I may post elsewhere or on Twitter.

Wednesday was a bit of a hurry as I had to get ready quickly for a trip abroad. I had more or less placed everything I needed in one area so that I could quickly pack up after returning from class. It was a hurried dinner before meeting up with a mentor and taking the highway. There were a few hiccups along the way but not too many.

I was a little nervous for the session given that this was the first one I was invited for and to be paid for. A lot of referees at the RA branch were familiar so I wasn’t too worried with the stranger-factor but I definitely didn’t know what to expect in terms of crowd dynamic and size. I still have a few nervous ticks to work on from the instructor side to improve.

The room set-up was definitely interesting in that it isn’t a typical front area for the instructor to give instruction from so I spent the better part of the presentation walking around the room to get in closer contact with the audience members all around. I enjoyed this aspect but wasn’t sure if it was an effective technique. There was a table in the centre of the room and seats arranged in a circular fashion in the council room.


The material was more familiar with me since I had already presented this once before but lively discussions ensued and despite me being the instructor, there was a lot to learn from it in both the topic and for future sessions. I felt I was successfully able to manage the various questions that came in to the satisfaction of the audience.

A blog post will come up eventually in a series on Simulation with my personal content on it as well.

It was definitely a tiring night and I was worn out after I returned home. I thanked my mentor for the great opportunity and hope there is more to come.

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  1. FYI… volleyball kneepads. Mikasa are the best ones I’ve found to use the far. They run about $10-15 for a set.

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