Week 8

I must start this post with this fantastic video on some football fans.


It has been a privilege to be part of such a major movement in Futsal in the region and to see so many participants’ lives affected along with their mindset of the game and their development.

There’s a great degree of satisfaction in hearing other players wanting to play Futsal instead of Indoor “Soccer” especially when it’s not even part of the league. Recreation Futsal has come forth leaving Indoor “Soccer” in it’s wake. The movement has begun.

I was busy sending and co-ordinating invites to form a Regional team for the Nationals. All invites accepted so far. Proud to see players in the league up for a challenge at a high competition level in a sport with little experience. Plenty more to organise and strategise and I spent a bit of time looking up coaching tactics. Futsal is a beautiful game in all aspects. Coaching, refereeing, playing, you name it!

I’m thinking of hosting a goalkeeper clinic for Futsal goalkeepers. Goalkeepers are such a pivotal part of the game that I realise that fully educated and tactical goalkeepers can help establish a great basis and good skill level of defence in the league.

I also had time earlier this week to re-check gamebags and replace the equipment there and ensure it was fully stocked for the referees. Brand new containers and binders, pens etc.

End-of-Last-Week Training


I went for a jog on Friday morning. Not the usual HI run but 23 laps jogging. I took a minute of recovery twice during the run as my ankle was acting up and having had less than 5 hours of sleep wouldn’t have been a great combo. More like a recipe for a disaster (injury) so I took breaks when necessary. Jogging isn’t just the same or fun since I feel it gets monotonous quickly. Rest after Lap 12 and 16.



Also there isn’t really an end objective in sight when jogging where as HI has the 20 laps.

General Stuff

The weekend was meant to be a sigh of relief given that Reading Week kicked off meaning the only holiday of the study term. Alas, first four days spent buried in work or rather glued to the laptop screen programming for an assignment due. The weather outside isn’t great either but what do I know! I’ve been indoors the whole time. Nevertheless from the past week…



I’m so glad that assignment hurdle is done.

I continued to work on revisions for my simulation presentation including looking for better quality versions of clips. Some of them are quiet hard especially the Ashley Young ones. Hmmm… I look at major trade-offs in modifying my presentation and looking at various aspects of the topic. Some material is appropriate for District referees while others is highly specific and is more suited to Provincial referees in advanced topics such as the anatomy of a fall versus simulation and the Archer’s Bow. So much to strategise on with these presentations.

Reflecting on last week’s presentation, I forgot to mention that referees in the room were taking notes on what I was saying which was something I didn’t expect but was pleasantly surprised with.

Later in the week, Champions League is back with fantastic competitive football and the elite refereeing that comes with it. Both Rizzoli and Eriksson were busy for their respective games.


Also end of week training a day earlier this week.


I think I’m allergic to holidays because I seem to be falling sick the past few times. Maybe work is good for me!

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