Week 11 & 12

Week 11 has been the quietest of all weeks perhaps.


Preparing to take another trip to Dubai, I phoned in to the Football Association’s Referee Department to ensure I completed my fitness test requirements prior to departing. Luckily I just had to delay my flight by just one day to accommodate the requirement. Feels so fancy saying this with flights and fitness tests and all.

A lot of early mornings for team training as well. I’ve been observing a lot and taking photos to keep for the team. Definitely an interesting perspective to Futsal in coaching. More to come in the coming weeks and this is the only break I get from work at this point.

A referee meeting on Week 11 Friday to discuss play-offs for the university Futsal league as well as meet referees for the seconr time during the semester and schedule games. It was a 1h15 meeting but it was fun; at least for me. I spoke to 80+ Futsal team captains in what must be the largest league in Canada!

A new acquaintance too in the week!

I laughed when the commentators of the Olympiakos-Manchester United suggested that perhaps the Russian referee had selected a yellow whistle to match his yellow kit! Of course he had!


I did some have some excitement coming out of the sabbatical for a short time and the pre-game excitement was definitely there! The last set of games I did had some difficulties with man management so it’s been keeping me sharp and reflecting over the football off-season.



I also aired out my shoes and cleaned it with baking soda.



On the bright side, snow has been melting.

I may not have a blog post for the next while given that I will be under a very heavy workload until mid-to-late-April so apologies if I fall off the map.

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