Week 18

There were some very entertaining matches to watch in the Champions League, La Liga and BPL in the past two weeks with the European season coming to a close. That only means that the Canadian season is starting and for this year, so is the World Cup.

The weekend was filled with excitement despite being on the other side of the planet for the Nationals! My team began their trip on the Friday and kept me posted on the progress during the group stages. Was glad to hear that all the players were active and scoring especially when we met the eventual winners. It was quite a back and forth and there I was sitting watching the Twitter page for updates watching the score go back-and-forth.

A great step for Futsal in the region and hopefully a small one for the many to come.

I also had time to work on my refereeing preferences to finally expand my area of accessibility now that I have my licence and a medium of transport. Really looking forward to what this season brings.

Match appointments have slowly started coming out for the season with the alleged warm weather on the way. Hard not to look forward to the game offer e-mails! Two middles on the horizon for this month for now.

I visited the world’s largest bookstore and they had quite a few refereeing books.




Also rather odd to go from cool Canada to warm UAE and then to see this.


The weather is better than it was on the weekend but still everyone is chilling out in the shade like this bird.


Also been prepping for the upcoming World Cup games with a blast from the past in gaming; FIFA World Cup 2006 on PlayStation 2.


Two World Cup campaigns. One with United States where I got all the way to the final but was beat by a Dutch strike from outside the penalty area. That was frustrating having got so far. I did manage to beat Spain with a 90th minute equaliser in the semi-final though! That was a huge relief. My second campaign with Germany was much more successful with Podolski scoring 16 goals in the tournament and beating Netherlands in a revenge match in the semi-final and Argentina 4-0 in the final!



The World Cup fever is on.

On the way back soon.


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