FIFA World Cup 2014 Build-up

It would be a lie to say nobody (that is outside a cave) has heard of football, especially now. The World Cup fever and pre-tournament build-up is ON.

The beautiful game in the host nation, Brazil. There couldn’t be a place more passionate about football than the Seleção’s own nation.

A fantastic host of World Cup ads have been coming out. Check them out!

FIFA has also created the participating nations’ profiles. See Brazil’s.

This is the four year continuous reminder for every young referee why we are working so hard. New football stars will emerge and upsets in the making to behold.

Check out the stadium views through Google Streetview!

It’s hard to believe I was in Soccer City, Johannesburg only four years ago watching Howard Webb’s management of Netherlands-Spain final and living, breathing the atmosphere of everything football in South Africa.

Bring on the FIFA World Cup and the goosebumps.

Bring on the fantastic football. The tears, the joy, the passion and everything that can make the planet, football-lover or not, come together to surely watch what is the most unifying sport on the planet. The Beautiful Game.

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