FIFA Laws of the Game 2014-2015

EDIT: Please see newer post

So in rather a completely unexpected but pleasant surprise, the new Laws of the Game is out today. Ordinarily it comes out on July 1st but they released it early in order for it to be in effect for the FIFA World Cup.

The new Laws of the Game don’t take effect for any running competitions now ordinarily but would for any starting after today.

Nice new shot of Bjorn Kuipers (NED) smiling. We don’t have enough of those cover photos of referees. It will be interesting to see what games he gets this World Cup having had such a strong past year in performance.


Minor changes all in all pertaining to approval of headscarves and a stricter mandate on slogans on clothing.

Here is the memo of changes which makes it easier to identify the precise changes.

Last but not least, the direct link.



7 comments on “FIFA Laws of the Game 2014-2015

  1. Okomkwo Benito Ugochukwu says:

    Please am a Nigerian referee who sincerely nd urgently needs 2014/2014 FIFA’s laws of the game pls, pls nd pls

  2. Sandra Rech says:

    Where can I purchase the latest FIFA Laws inexpensively to give my youth referees?

  3. joshua says:

    Fifa should give more room for referees and assistant referees.example law 5 and 6.

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