Week 23

A game with the same referee from Sunday but it was nice to be working a local game and a little more time to analyse his style.

Following our discussion on the previous day, I made a general comment about not seeing referees smile enough on the pitch making it difficult to know if they are enjoying it. For most of this game, every collaborative decision with me was met with a verbal thank you/thumbs-up in addition to a beaming smile with all 32 teeth! I couldn’t help but burst out laughing in my head and visibly chuckling. I knew he was enjoying the game now.

I struggled to mentally adapt to the foul threshold. I was not used to seeing players playing the game as physically on the day and over the games on the weekend. I went to seek advice from several referees and mentors of mine to see if it is something expected at the next level. They told me to work with my own style and what worked for me so experimentation it will be!

No middles this week but I received a Mens Cup match next week and there is plenty to think on given the calibre of both teams. I’ve chatted with a lot of referees, called people around to do my research on the game and on what to expect including strategies. I also put the game in for assessment so the next week will be a build-up to that match.

I just had a quick glance at the World Cup schedule and realised I would be missing weekend games due to my own games! Tough choice. Watching the World Cup or officiating my own games. I rate both in equal enjoyment but the spirit of watching a game live in the World Cup can sometimes be unmatched. I do review some matches later based on discussion to watch certain referee styles which helps in my own refereeing but it’s just that; analysis.

Another assessment on the line this week. 8.6 score which is good. Still don’t know if that is high on the scale.

It was very ironic that I experienced a frustrating game on June 13th. Exactly two years since I started this blog. Because of an irate coach. I was working as AR1 in an inter-district league and the coaches for the away team were quite poorly behaved because the touchline rants really distracted my focus from the game. Soon one coach was dismissed from the game. The second narrowly escaped but the game atmosphere had been ruined for me with the comments in general. The referee’s performance and my own in the game were considered excellent from the referee observers except for the allowed touchline behaviour. I was in a bad mood immediately after the game and for the next two days as a result and it wasn’t easy to get off my mind. My colleagues knew it as I was visibly quiet for the next 48 hours almost. I tried to clear my head by trying to relax with breathing techniques, a shower and trying to lie down for a bit but it was there to stay for the first day at least. Soon enough it wore me out and I fell asleep. Luckily no games in between so I was able to clear my mind and learn my lesson. That’s the result of not dealing with irresponsible behaviour from team officials. I might have to start another blog because of this. 😉

For a second I thought…


Luckily it wasn’t the case and just my stream provider. I also managed to get the World Cup on my phone so I can watch on the move and away from the TV/computer.

I received a letter in the mail recently.


b&d was kind enough to send me flag caps and a free keychain!


I love the service from German companies (other than Refereeworld.com now).

Saturday was a great day to be an AR because I was really in the mood. I felt I was on top of my game in terms of staying with the second last defender, making offside and foul decisions. It was a Mens game line. I was working with one of my friends who I have oddly been working with very regularly this season (through no design of my own). He had a good game but it appeared to be normal difficulty but a red card and three penalties which were all fully warranted. All on my end too! One of the teams were on their best behaviour for some reason and there was a restrained look on their faces throughout the match. A FIFA referee even stopped by to watch!


This streak of 11 lines has helped me settle better into the role and focus on my areas for improvement. Not that the meme above is meant to say it’s bad but I like a mix too! Soon to-be solved.

Sunday was quite sunny and I got a good tan in the afternoon game facing the sun. I was also fatigued so the rest of the day was quiet.



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