Body Language Part 2

So if you already haven’t checked our JGMA’s website, you should! This detail is so awesome on all the posted documents with all the research and comparison to animal body language as well.

The Ultimate Referee

Notice that body language is an important part.

Source: Footy Boots

Laws of the Game

Body language

Body language is a tool that the referee uses to:
• help him control the match
• show authority and self-control

Body language is not:
• an explanation of a decision

This is best explained by the video in the previous part.

Other Links on Body Language

A GREAT source is the Bucks Referees Association who posted a document. The original link is this but I have re-hosted it on this domain so that we don’t lose it in case the website goes down. Try here!

Check out Dutch Referee’s Body Language post as well.


There is a lot of credit to be given to the material in this post. They include Jan’s Dutch Referee Blog post, Mark Decosemo’s Body Language post, Winecape’s Referee Blog post, Hector Vergara’s lessons learnt from WC2010 and more.

Here’s a good example from Milorad Mazic recently.

A case study to follow on a separate memorable incident from the World Cup. Stay tuned.


One comment on “Body Language Part 2

  1. Good read! (and thanks for linking to my blog)

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