Week 24 Part 2

I’m starting this post off with a picture of the Mexican coach, Miguel Herrera. Cuneyt Cakir had played an advantage off a Brazil foul and called it back because it failed to materialise. There were then appeals for a caution for the Brazil offender and the coach asking for a card. Here it is and my first GIF!

Of course I don’t condone him asking for a card since it is not his responsibility nor right. I have to say that I had a good chuckle off this one because his shrug and calm-ask was quirky and overall, not pushy.

Mens Cup line went well. I always seem to be assigned to the touchline with the most crucial decisions. Somehow always…


I had several crucial no-offside decisions to make which upset the defenders. I’m sure they would have blamed me had any of the attacks ended in a goal but none did in my half. Things fine overall. This was also the first time I used the Refscall beep flags and that of another referee; not my own electronic flags.

To my absolute horror, upon arriving at the field, I had forgotten to pack my shoes/boots in the bag. I had cleaned/aired them out a day or two before and forgot to put my shoe bag into the bag. Luckily my co-assistant was able to cover me with a back-up pair of grass shoes he had. I breathed a sigh of relief and a lesson learnt.

At the end of the game, the crew took a photo together. Funnily enough, I asked for the photo and my co-AR and the fourth official grumbled a bit but they were the first ones to post them up on the internet being very happy! Go figure. I think some people realise late on that wedon’t have enough photos of ourselves refereeing to keep for memories later. One of the regrets I heard from a senior referee.

Funnily enough I had run more than the ref during the second half! Action was end-to-end for me with the SLD shifting ever so often.

It’s been an exciting World Cup week. My family was at the Uruguay-England match and here are the photos they sent for me specifically.





My replacement Garmin HRM monitor arrived just in time for the weekend games. It’s a slightly different design.



A whitish-blackish sort of material on this one and seems like there is a larger contact area. Maybe I’m over-thinking it but it might be more comfortable. Let’s see how this holds up and how long I can keep it!


I’ve also looked a little closer at the material of the adidas 2014 kits since I wrote up a recent post for PTA to be posted soon.



Saturday was the official start to the summer (apparently) and it was definitely hot. I wasn’t in much of a mood to run. Now when I say this, I don’t mean I didn’t run. Just that I didn’t want to. Ran ~6km on the line instead. Wonder if I would have run more if I was in the mood! Line in a Womens Cup match.

I also booked the rental car for a game I have a little over a month away. It’s a game with some travel and travelling alone. Car rental fees aren’t too heavy this time so it’s good.

A season-deciding match soon.

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