FIFA World Cup 2014 Referees List Final Four

With the final four matches of the tournament remaining, the FIFA Referees’ Committee had it’s decisive moment and sat down to decide which officiating crews would remain in Brazil.

Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Netherlands’ respective national football teams are the sole survivors of the competition right now but the same cannot be said of their referee representatives other than Brazil’s Sandro Ricci.

The dreaded moment in the conference room then came. Crews called up one by one to be congratulated by select dignitaries on their work during the tournament but it meant only one thing. They were going home. The anticipation, the nervousness and the fear must have run through every referee’s mind on their past performances and to some extent, on how their national side had performed and progressed. Not hearing their name meant staying which, even without an appointment, meant that they had performed to the satisfaction of the committee and had had a successful World Cup.

Press Release:

And the final list is here with a few surprises.

So far Marco Rodriguez and Mark Geiger receive the appointment of the first semi-final match between Brazil-Germany but your guess is as good as mine as to who will be getting the appointments for the remaining three fixtures.


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