FIFA World Cup Final

There have only been 19 before and there is a possibility of a repeat with Howard Webb on the list.

The FIFA World Cup Final (Match 64) is the most prestigious appointment for a referee as it is contested between two sides fighting for the ultimate footballing prize, the World Cup. Despite there being many fantastic and memorable matches in club competition, there is no tournament that brings the energy and passion that the World Cup does making it the most unique shared human experience. Amongst almost 1 million referees worldwide, many dream of reaching this stage and for the 15 trios that remain in Brazil, it will be revealed on Friday as to who will have the prestige of walking out into the MaracanĂ£ leading the teams in front of more than a billion spectators looking on to the spectacle of the beautiful game.

Who do you think will take the whistle on this occasion?

4 comments on “FIFA World Cup Final

  1. quinnface says:

    Whoever it is I wish they would ignore the suits on high and give yellow cards for cautionable offences for once in this tournament!

  2. larbitre says:

    Nicola Rizzoli is the man to go down in history!

    Full crew:
    Referee: Nicola RIZZOLI (ITA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Renato FAVERANI (ITA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Andrea STEFANI (ITA)
    Fourth Official: Carlos VERA (ECU)
    Reserve Assistant Referee: Christian LESCANO (ECU)

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