‘A’ Referee.com Quizzes

So if you have practiced Law questions before, you may have come across areferee.com. I did dozens and dozens of these quizzes late last year so much so that I’ve exhausted the question bank of 772 questions which were repeated many times across the various quizzes.


I highly recommend it to any referee looking to improve their knowledge of the LOTG and to be open-minded on various scenarios that could develop off some half-described scenarios. I did have a mission to achieve 50/50 on a 50-question quiz over the past off-season but had no luck. I recommend trying the same but I’m sure you’ll find the mutual feeling below on some questions that mark your answer wrong.

It’s addicting yet extremely annoying at times because of the wording. I think I’ve done enough questions to know the line of thinking they had. Post here if you have a question. Enjoy!


5 comments on “‘A’ Referee.com Quizzes

  1. @southsurreyfc (Kevyn Oyhenart) says:

    While being perfect is always a goal of mine, you have to understand that even as a Provincial Referee in BC, when we do quizzes every 3 months, out minimum is 15/20. Keep that in mind when you are taking it.
    The Laws are vast and quite detailed and to not only know the language but the implementation of such takes time. 9 years and I still find something new every week it seems.

    • @southsurreyfc (Kevyn Oyhenart) says:

      I also have a link to an education page that you may find quite interesting. Message me either on twitter or email and I will fill you in on it and what it is.

    • larbitre says:

      Agreed Kevyn but standards are nothing if you are hungry for more and want to be the best! Sometimes you can learn a lot more if you spend more time on it. Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule!

  2. adnan abdallah says:

    i hope to renewal the quiz according the new law as soon as possible with me thanks

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