Fixing Ervocom Flags

So I have been noticing that a lot of Google searches arrive at this blog searching for various terms and phrases like:

  • Why are my Ervocom flags not working?
  • How do I fix my Ervocom flags?
  • Ervocom cross tip screws
  • Ervocom referee flags faulty
  • Ervocom beeper is not working

Any basic maintenance for Ervocom flags can be found on my Ervocom Maintenance and Flags post. Basic maintenance involves changing the battery or adjusting the volume/vibration settings. Anything beyond that will likely involve some advanced knowledge of the flags. Best way to solve that is to contact Ervocom directly at Describe the problem you have and accompany photos if it’s a physical problem and they can advise if it’s something they can have you fix or if it requires you sending your receiver/flags/set to them via mail in Switzerland. Hopefully the former. My experience so far in making the applicable fixes has been great so it’s definitely the best way to go about it. Good luck fixing your flags if that’s what brought you here! Flag


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