Post-FIFA World Cup 2014

The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 has, unfortunately, concluded today.

After a month long fiesta with businesses losing billions of dollars in lost productivity, life must return to what was known as ‘normal’ after having witnessed more than 6000 minutes of football.

The post-show depression disorder will sweep across the planet as most leagues are in the off-season now. How I will survive? I don’t know.

My favourite goal was David Luiz’s free kick goal against Colombia (Sorry Colombia). The eruption of emotion from the goalscorer and the fans on conclusion of the ball striking the back of the net embodies why Brazil is the dream host of football’s largest tournament.

The referees of the tournament will also have had a great time in Brazil having been a part of the most important tournament experience in their careers and having spent a month away from families, it will be mixed emotions for everyone returning home.

There will be plenty to analyse in terms of incidents in the coming months when FIFA releases it’s match incident DVD for further education.

Unfortunately we will have to say “Goodbye” to our gracious month-long hosts Brazil. Four more years until Russia 2018. Who knows where we will be then?

One comment on “Post-FIFA World Cup 2014

  1. bleuheaven says:

    It was truly a world cup to remember and no one involved will ever forget! Yes, we will have to wait until 2018 until the next one, but I feel good about how it ended. You can see my feeling about it
    at the post is entitled, Soccer Showdown! Germany Wins Fifa World Cup Against Argentina!

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