Week 45

I started this week doing a massive load of laundry. The season was over so “cross-contaminated” jerseys from using the same uniform holder could be cleaned and put into storage now.


I was relieved to find that none of my adidas 2014 jerseys lost their velcro patches (I hadn’t stitched them this year). Clothes were hardly the focus of this cleaning. Shoes too!


A good brushing and cleaning got all the artificial dirt, turf-dust and any mud off them. I also decided to retire my old pair of mundial team shoes since seams were beginning to tear. I may save them just for playing now.

My current plan is flat shoes for turf (underarmour) and my pristine mundial team shoes for grass.


These are the flats I have been talking about for a while (below).



I went with a younger referee to the gym in the morning after I had promised to train with him in the off-season and help him improve. I did a half-mile brisk run as a warm-up for a few minutes before going through a few training/gym routine tips for him and moving onto upper body. There was no lower body work-out other than the warm-up because there was running to come in the evening.

In the evening along with another upgrading referee, we went for an outdoor jog. It was chilly so I was well-dressed but still in shorts. I don’t like running in track pants so I wore compression socks, compression shorts, regular shorts and knee-length socks along with two cotton shirts and a track suit jacket. Flats again of course since it was street running. We provided a lot of encouragement to the younger referee to persevere through the run since it was his first time being introduced to training. After 5km, we took our own tangent with a higher pace. It wasn’t a very hard run but we definitely covered a lot of distance. Didn’t feel like enough training though.

I also went through a few stretching and nutrition tips and routines with the younger referee. That also meant dinner to follow.


Yes it doesn’t look as appetising as it really was. Poor lighting and all. Also a big appetite helps.


I started packing for the weekend clinic. All my uniforms were ready (actually got them back from a referee that borrowed it). Packed my organiser and flag (yes one). Also some stuff that a few referees specifically asked for:


It’s been a while since I’ve been into reading education material so with the help of the friend were able to locate the English RA’s referee magazines and all their volumes. Just missing two electronic versions. I emailed the RA to see if they can help locate them.

It started to snow. Surely the end of the outdoor football season and running. Like that was ever going to stop me… Will get in an outdoor run in or two while I still can. Because I can.


It’s going to be an exciting weekend. No clue what to expect on the education agenda as we are mixed with other upgrading refereesĀ  levels. Good to go for whatever they throw at us. I’m expecting some running too.

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