Week 46

There is very little to mention for this week. Snow snow snow.



My football flats enjoying a mouthful of snow.


Want to see the same view in 2013 same day?


I was wearing thermals for most of the week but the snowstorm day after day was relentless.

In the middle of the week, I got my shipment of Dolfin whistles. A little later than I hoped because now it’s a little too late to be blowing a whistle out on a football pitch. I think I heard from someone that it doesn’t work indoors.


Other than that, plenty of work as it’s getting closer to term’s end.


Saturday evening was High Intensity running at 30/40. The warm-up was a good place to start because I was inactive for the 7 days prior. My ankle/leg felt a little shaky but was much better by the time we started. I soon forgot and was focusing on the intervals. This was a larger running group than we normally went with and a lot more fun. In the end, I wasn’t happy with my progress. I don’t know if it was a lack of energy, the new track (?!) or something psychological but I’d have to wait until next time to figure out if it means I need to pick up the training.

After the weekend clinic, I decided to pick one of the few dozen DVDs and started with UEFA 2012. In the video analysis, I looked at considerations more closely this time.

UEFA RAP 2013:1 was the next set and B10-B20 was a mouthful. I needed to get someone to review that and let me know their thoughts. Apparently these magic DVDs need (Down + j) a key combination to reveal the answer. I wonder why… They were tackles that were either violent conduct, serious foul play or reckless but the nature/intensity makes it difficult to know what UEFA particularly wants.

Was a good refresher and there are a lot more to go through. I’ll post something if I find anything interesting.

Meanwhile Sunday was possibly my last Futsal game for a very long time to come. Separate post.


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