Week 47

The snow melted earlier in the week to my relief. Winter was here just temporarily but will be back.


Since I was expecting a busy weekend and being busy on Saturday night, I decided to move the week’s run to Wednesday. Worked out well with my running partner because he was busy on Saturday too. Evening run but with early sunset, it was dark when we started off. It was brisk and I’ve been much happier how my heart rate has been much lower.

Good to see Champions League football back too. The most interesting game was definitely Man City-Bayern and seeing the Aguero DOGSO incident.


Final RA meeting of the year was the highlight of the week. I felt like I had a list of items but can’t remember what it was any more. I presented a prize for a competition I started the week prior to get more involvement. The victor chose from my exclusive stock of Dolfins. I still haven’t tried out the whistle yet… Hopefully when I get outdoors on a pitch again.

Since the RA meeting, I was busy enough with work that I didn’t leave the house from Friday night until Monday.

The last thing of the week was the upgrading quiz module. It’s been a while since I’ve touched A Referee so it was a good refresher. I slipped up on one question which was rather frustrating. The annoying feeling when you know the answer but are trying to read the mind of the question-writer. Common sense vs LOTG.

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