Week 50

It has been a very long week. If I truly recapped on everything in one-go, I’d write enough for a few years’ worth and then just shut down this blog.

As a result, I begin here with Part 1 which is the working week and try to keep it short.

The week started off with a few nut-cracker questions. If you’d like to have a go yourself, check out ThirdBlindMouse’s page. He liked them so much during our discussion that he decided to keep a page on it! Although he did re-word it a bit in an effort to simplify it.

As the week was melting by, I slowly started passing on my goodbyes to fellow referees and other friends. I knew I would be leaving Canada for a while. It didn’t feel proper to leave/disappear without as much as a peep.

I decided to apply for my referee transfer as well in the meantime since a move could mean a complete change of scenery. See! It’s tentative. Even I don’t know where I am going yet.

The most significant part of the week included my trip. I was flying out for a job interview to the company location. This took up a good chunk of my time considering I had a paper for school to complete as well for one of my graduate courses.

This post wouldn’t be complete without trip pictures too by the way!




As I drove in the new city in the rental car, it sunk in…


I was about to enter a whole new chapter in life. Things were about to radically change again. Good? Bad? I don’t know yet. While driving to the hotel, my eyes sparkled as I looked out over the highway to the right. I could see a few dozen floodlights on what surely was a set of football fields. I knew one of the stops I would be making during the trip! A completely new refereeing scene too!

I tried to get a good night’s sleep and woke up the next morning ready for a day of interviews. I got dressed into my usual referee business casual pre-game arrival gear which was a sweater on top of a polo. Surprisingly, this worked well to my advantage because it relaxed me. A good thing to keep in mind for future interviews.

The interviews were definitely a lot of fun (weird I know!). One of the casual questions I was asked was “What do you do in your free time?”. Hehe. Should I tell him? Inevitably the reaction was “Refereeing?!” It was quite funny and enjoyable to chat after that especially. The day ended in the early evening and sunset here was like back home. Actually no. It was worse. It was much earlier. It was night-time when I left the company office.

I also saw that the company had it’s own football pitch! Absolutely thrilled to see it and it looked to be in great condition including the nets.

Later that night, I dressed in my referee gear, got into the rental car and made my way over to the football pitch.


When I arrived, I couldn’t help but be very excited. The pitch was a light green. It looked very much like artificial turf but with very low spring. Almost as though it would be like falling on a hard bed floor if you fell. It didn’t look very pleasing from first impressions but I hoped to be proven wrong.

As I walked towards the pitch and my first step landed on the artificial turf, the entire complex was plunged into darkness. I was in utter shock. I turned around to see if I had triggered it or if someone saw me and turned it off when they saw me approach. Nobody. Odd and deeply disappointing.

Compromise. I used the outer lane around the field and parking lot and started my run. It was a cold, wet night. It started to rain heavily but that didn’t put me off. Just made the run more enjoyable. The area was deserted but I imagine it would be the exact opposite on match day. It was a good brisk run. I stepped into plenty of enormous puddles that didn’t look as bad as they were which got my feet wet. Once that happened, avoiding other puddles didn’t matter because my compressions socks had got wet inside my shoe as well.

Once the run was over, I put my winter jacket back on and it was warm again. A bit of over-dressing for the current weather! Would I need to get used to this weather?


I also stocked up on some chocolates that I knew I could only buy from here. Family request. You believe me right?


The trip back the next morning was early. I checked out of the hotel and drove back to the airport through a different route so I missed the beautiful city view unfortunately. It was a fast-paced trip since I didn’t have much time to explore and do my own thing other than the night before but still plenty of fun.

Plenty of great views to see on the trip back but…




not as good as the news I got as I was in transit. I got the job offer!

It was quite an enjoyable journey back after that and when my mentor picked me up from the airport on Friday evening. I had lost almost all of Friday through time difference and travel.

I grabbed food from outside on the way home along with a rental car for the weekend’s activities. I spent the rest of the evening writing a paper and then the late night trying to figure out where to start with packing.

4 comments on “Week 50

  1. COME BACK HOME (your cold winter home)…..We Miss You L’Arbitre!!!

  2. gr8oyhenart says:

    Sounds like a fun few days. Hope all is well.

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