Week 51

I spent the better part of Monday travelling. It was rather bulky carrying my Winter jacket throughout the journey but I knew it would perhaps be for the last time so I put up with it not fitting into my carry-on baggage. Was great to see family again after eight months away and back in the Middle East.

My transfer papers arrived in the form of a letter so I’m armed wherever I was to go. I also got the e-mail confirming the success of my maintenance of my referee classification. I wasn’t worried about it at all but good news should always be a victory!

The rest of the week was a battle with jet lag. I was sleeping in two segments; a large day segment and a short night one. It took an entire week before this was back to normal. Sporting a cold from the weather change hasn’t been much fun either.

Check out what I found by the way!


Pretty much the adidas 2014 World Cup referee shorts but the swimming shorts version! The logo bigger of course.

I learnt the term ‘drama ref’ this week. A referee that attracts all kinds of drama whether intentionally or not. Clattenburg is undoubtedly my favourite referee on the international stage but when it comes down to it, sadly, he’s a drama ref. Whether it’s the media that wants to bring the attention to him, he attracts the attention that isn’t helping his career. All I can do is hope things change and look more positive for him for Euro 2016 and World Cup 2018.

My awaited high intensity run of the week arrived later than expected but better late than never! Saturday was a mild day. Not really cold or hot.


I’m not a very big fan of mild weather. Slightly cool is the best because it counter-acts the body warming up. Colder air is also easier to breath and is usually not humid. On this day, it was at least partially so. I completed the 20 segments of the interval test on the path around the football pitch. The weather change however, definitely took a toll and I could feel it quickly.

Pacing is a different story when you are running on your own so the first few repetitions were likely faster than needed and made a few of the later ones marginally slower.

A lot had changed in the recreational football I knew since I had left. The players were wearing pinnies, had cones marked out and even elected a ref to settle disputes (who was rotated often). It was interesting to watch every time I passed by.



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