DOGSO-H or Offside?

To give you a bit of a teaser/backstory, have a read of Third Blind Mouse’s piece on this situation.

People may think that the laws/rules of sports are simple. This scenario can show just how mind-boggling a scenario in football can be.

I thought the natural thing to make this clear is to draw a flowchart. This isn’t a great place to start but it is a good place to clear your head and understand the decision-making process needed if your brain is overloaded. If you aren’t a flowchart buff, here are a few guidelines to understand what’s going on.

  • Boxes mean actions that occur
  • Diamonds are decisions we must make
  • Rectangular ovals are final decisions

More specific to this scenario:

  • Green arrows show the decision path to be taken
  • Blue arrows are regular decision paths
  • The green rectangular oval is the correct final decision
  • The red rectangular oval is a decision that cannot be reached under any circumstances in this scenario

Correction: Goal + Caution is the ideal decision here. PK + DOGSO is still acceptable. Please reference the IFAB Clarification post for more details.

A goal and caution is not possible here because the player that eventually scored was in an offside position but the ball was deliberately played by a defender and interfered with play.

Notice that the entire decision making process here occurs within 3 seconds. Multiple questions, judgements and considerations to make in the process of arriving at the final decision.

Does it make things clearer? Give me a holler Third Blind Mouse!

3 comments on “DOGSO-H or Offside?

  1. You final decision of IFK + DOGSO is incorrect….it would only be IFK for the offside. There can’t possibly be a DOGSO if the player who scored was in an offside position anyway….offside = no goal therefore, nothing is Obvious and there is no opportunity.

    I still feel that breaking this scenario down into a flow chart is almost impossible! lol

    People….just read my post to understand WHY the offside is incorrect, and why this is DOGSO.
    It’s really just 2 main points:

    1) the DOGSO handling happened before the non-existent “advantage”
    2) there cannot be an advantage b/c the player who “scored” was in an offside position anyway…the goal would not have counted regardless.

    • larbitre says:

      We discussed this TBM! I needed to triple-read this flowchart before I could answer you.

      The red card still stands because DOGSO is not nullified. Someone who applies advantage and waits too long (silly but still a possible outcome in the football refereeing world) would lose the opportunity to go back. Yes… It doesn’t apply to this scenario because it happens so fast but since we ask the question, I have to explore other answers too.

      It is a mouthful of a flowchart for sure.

  2. […] Our previous post on DOGSO-H or Offside requires correction as handling cannot be considered as a deliberate save by a player other than […]

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