FIFA Laws of the Game 2015-2016

EDIT: Please see newer post

My previous post of July 1st seems to be a false theory. FIFA changed their timeline this year and published the latest edition of the Laws of the Game a little early. After all, they weren’t really waiting for anything.

More importantly, we see our next poster-child on the cover featuring the Italian UEFA Elite referee, Nicola Rizzoli. Undoubtedly Jenna‘s favourite, Rizzoli had a stellar 2014 when he became the 20th person to take charge of the World Cup final.

The amendments to the Law will take effect during the next season.

Return substitutions and now electronic performance tracking systems are to be introduced into the game. In my experience, I have already seen return substitutions in leagues as written in their rules. EPS, on the other hand, can become much more complicated for referees – jewellery argument.


How about a captioning contest? Here’s my entry.

Was it you?

Here is the memo of changes which makes it easier to identify the precise changes.

Last but not least, the direct link.

Laws of the Game on


Apologies for being a few days late with the post. I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical with the blog. The Football Referee and FIFA LOTG Blogspot beat me to it two days ago.

What are your thoughts on the Football Laws?


12 comments on “FIFA Laws of the Game 2015-2016

  1. Adebayo soliu adewale says:

    Introducing of returning substitution in game of football, i think is very good observation, because of unexpected injured at last minutes of game.

    • ruel ndirangu says:

      i would be greatful to be receiving latest news about football and amendments of the laws of football.

  2. Okoli Emmanuel says:

    its really great

  3. Please i suggest that all referees colours must be known to all part of the world,and must be quickly supply to respective quarters

  4. Mulundano godfrey says:

    Kindly send me the laws of the game 2015/2016 soft copy

  5. BrotherDog says:

    where can the book be purchased? fifa laws of the game 2015/2016 ? I cannot find a source to buy the published book, i really don’t want to have to print out over 100 letter sized pages and stick them in my bag. i want the real book. Why is it so hard to find?? thanks in advance for you time and effort.

    • larbitre says:

      Most Football Associations have printed copies that they can send you for free since they are Not-For-Profits. FIFA also has their own copies if you want to mail them.

      • BrotherDog says:

        thank so much for taking the time to reply, and yes i do have the usscoccer publication that was handed out at our recert, but the FIFA one is more complete and has all the decisions printed out in it, the one from USSOCCER has left the decisions and other stuff out and their booklet is much thinner, i want and need the real book from FIFA, I can download the pdf from fifa;’s web site, it’s 144 pages, but i wanted the preprinted booklet to carry with me in my soccer bag. It’s not for sale at FIFA or at officialsports or at amazon. I need to know where can a copy be purchased? do you have one? or know exactly where to go to get one? thanks so much in advance for your time and trouble, i and many of my soccer colleagues are looking for a source for this.

  6. Theophilus N. Woods says:

    I hope to be a professional referee by God great.

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