A cover to cover of the Laws

Have you ever read the Law of the Game cover-to-cover? It’s an amazing read if you ever have. The Laws of football is eye-opening to anyone who reads it, especially for the first time. Keep in mind, if you read it before the major overhaul two years ago, you’re due for another read.

My personal guess is that very few referees have gone from start to end of the book but rely on their gut-instinct of the game and own understanding through past experience. For the true technical understanding of the game, you absolutely have to do the read.

Benefits of reading the Laws (in this manner):

  • Technical foundation of handling different situations per IFAB’s construct
  • Wording of the Law is the same pattern used in tests and become familiar
  • Solidifies your knowledge of the game and provides a strong reference for your decisions/answers

On a recent flight, I decided I was going to read it start to end. I pulled out a piece of scrap paper and started noting things I thought were fluid/controversial and needed clarification. With IFAB becoming more social over the past two years, the opportunity to get clarification has been much easier so I thought I’d answer it once-and-for-all. Stay tuned for a follow-up post on my Q&A with them.

Want a hard copy? Find it in English, French or Spanish at The Top Ref store!

Want to hear your thoughts! Have you ever done a cover to cover read of the Laws of the Game?

Let's hear your call!

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