Blog’s Acronyms

I realised that I started using acronyms that may not be obvious to all.

AR – Assistant Referee
AAR – Additional Assistant Referee

GLT – Goal-Line Technology

RA – Referees’ Association
FA – Football Association
DA – District Association

FOP – Field Of Play
PA – Penalty Area
GA – Goal Area

GK – Goal Kick / Goal Keeper
CK – Corner Kick
KO – Kick Off
PK – Penalty Kick
DFK – Direct Free Kick
IDFK/IFK – Indirect Free Kick

LOTG – Laws of the Game
FLOTG – Futsal Laws of the Game

SLD – Second Last Defender

PIADM – Playing In A Dangerous Manner
USB – UnSporting Behaviour
PI – Persistent Infringement
FRD – Failure to Respect required Distance

SFP – Serious Foul Play
VC – Violent Conduct
OGSO – Obvious Goal-Scoring Opportunity
DOGSO – Denying an Obvious Goal-Scoring Opportunity
OFFINABUS – OFFensive, INsulting and ABUSive language
SC – Second Caution

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