Guest Blog Posts

Here are some of the posts I have written elsewhere in order of most recent to oldest.

Play the Advantage

The World Cup Referees’ Kit
A feature on the design of Adidas’ 2014 World Cup referee kits featured in this edition of the World Cup

Why there are only Three Referees – No AARs
The burning question of why the men behind the goals are missing at this World Cup after their inclusion in the UEFA Champions League for the past two years

The official ball of the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the dynamics

Vanishing Spray
The latest in referee technology to better enforce the required distance off restarts of play, commonly free kicks

Goal-Line Technology
An addition after the past FIFA World Cup’s controversy of Frank Lampard’s in-and-out split second goal

Third Blind Mouse

There Is No “Extra” Time
The end of a match can, at times, be controversial. Without a countdown/buzzer system in football, a lot is left to the referee. Find out more about the difficulties and considerations a referee must go through just to blow the whistle.

Muller’s Reasonable Degree of Protection
Muller’s choice to wear small shinpads may be a comfort choice but has it defeated the purpose of wearing them altogether?

Vanishing Spray News
Since its introduction to the world game after World Cup 2014, find out the latest developments and tricks with vanishing spray as well as a few incidents.

Understanding Fouls in Futsal
Making the transition to Futsal or for referees that have a hard time understanding what is a foul and what isn’t might be able to gain some insight on what makes a difference to players in Futsal.

On & Off the Pitch
Look beyond the usual activities of the man in black in the middle of the pitch and consider what referees do to be where they are.

International Referee Trio Matching
Ever wondered how referee crews/trios were and are matched? Have a quick look at the implications of how it affects every referee’s dream to reach the World Cup final.

Video Replay Review in Football
Consideration of the implications that may arise as a result of the clamour on video replay review for offside, fouls, crucial decisions etc.

Adding Time… Is it enough?
Is adding time enough to deal with time-wasting and gamesmanship from teams in football?

Lessons Football can learn from Futsal
Some rules in Futsal that keep the game beautiful that perhaps Football could adopt

The Final’s Tackle
A review of a tackle on the Russian Eder Lima in the Euro 2014 Futsal finals

Bottling Decisions: The Safe Way to Referee?
A discussion on an article about Howard Webb’s refereeing and how not taking a decision (no-call) affects the game

The Final’s Second Touch
A simple, yet technical infringement in the Euro 2014 Futsal finals by the Russian fly goalkeeper

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