Week 47

As you may have noticed, I’m far behind on blog posts. As a result, I’ve decided to tell this story in flashback because there are tales and stories to tell about the last six months. I will tag posts and title them with Past/Present as we jump back-and-forth.


I begin with a jump to the present after my last post about the Super Cup almost 12,000km away.

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Week 46’s Futsal Final

It’s hard to say goodbye sometimes. This was by no means an exception. My last game in the league I started only a year ago. I couldn’t help but be nervous. I had strategically looked at things I needed to work on from reflections on my Futsal officiating and wanted to ensure the little details were handled as best as possible.

The match’s pre-game schedule was planned to a tee. Uniforms and colours were all communicated two days before. The pre-game included a Continue reading

Week 26 & 27


I received some motivation in Week 26 to work harder on my local RA initiatives since I was a representative from the younger group of referees. The referees in the past generation had taken charge when they were moving up through the ranks always having the young injection of enthusiasm so I sat down to look at other RAs and what was successful for them and what could be replicated for our own. Continue reading