Confidence & Ego

I touched lightly upon this in my year-end reflections post for 2014 but I didn’t let on to all the insight I really had.

Observation has been a major source of learning for me on the refereeing journey. As you get the opportunity to assist referees further along the journey and hierarchy than you, you get to see some of the qualities that make them successful.

“Body language is your greatest tool… or your worst nightmare”

It begins here.

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How to do a Net Inspection

Something that has come up this past season has been the pre-game net inspection.

I don’t mean the very first time when it’s done during the pitch inspection. That’s the real one.

I’m talking about when the referee crew splits in the middle of the field and runs to check the nets before taking up their position. This one is for the show. It was recommended to me, as a referee, to ensure that my assistant referees knew how to do a net check with the appropriate mechanics.

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Organisation: Game Journal

Another post in the organisation series. To be a referee, you need to be organised and keep a journal of your games (or a game log). Note down all relevant details of games in case your Football Association asks to see your activity for the season or for upgrading purposes. It’s also good to keep a record to reminisce. It is also known as a game log or diary.

Here is a template for anyone to use for their game journal:

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