Referee Education

This is page is being collated to provide a one-stop shop for those looking for material to use for practice to develop and further their understanding of the Laws of the Game to apply out on the field.

US Soccer Box & FIFA Content

You can find some awesome FIFA DVDs and other extremely useful USSF material that apply to referees worldwide.


If you want to keep yourself in tune with recent match incidents, Kilpki’s Vimeo page is the perfect place to find content for your referee study group. Although it doesn’t have answers, discussion with colleagues can lead to a more consistent decision as well as provide for interesting discussion and development.

More have popped up as of late worth taking a look at.

Ref 2.0:
The Third Team:,

Offside Explained

A brilliant initiative by the Third Team that explains offside decisions in great detail. This is NOT authoritative but is very useful in its instruction of Law 11’s intricacies in the latest incidents happening around the world.

Minnesota SRC

The Minnesota State Referee Committee constructs a regular podcast. The learning opportunity is excellent with many video examples and deep insight into the Laws of the Game. The podcasts are also usually around half an hour in length and a solid education experience.

‘A’ Referee

A great website to use your imagination yet test your knowledge of the Laws of the Game. The original source of these questions are unknown. There are a few head-bashing-against-the-wall questions but a good test of patience, creativity and deep thought.

Watch & Whistles

A great guide to refereeing and assistant refereeing to new referees.

Jose M. Garcia-Aranda

There isn’t much to say here because the content he posts is simply awesome and matches US Soccer Box in my opinion. Jose is a Refereeing and Sports Consultant formerly holding the Head of the FIFA Referee Department position until 2010.

L’Arbitre Futsal

L’Arbitre’s own Futsal training videos if you would like to learn more about this beautiful sport.

9 comments on “Referee Education

  1. JK NEEQUAYA says:


  2. trungthule says:

    Excuse me, do you have the interactive FUTSAL laws of the game software and the futsal game report ? Thanks so much.

  3. Dylan says:

    Tried to download labhipermedia fifa fouls and misconduct but too large a file. Any on DVD already?

    • larbitre says:

      Unfortunately those are the only way to get them that I know of Dylan. If you’ve got some technical expertise and know how to use Linux, try ‘wget’ or alternatively find a computer with a secure, fast connection to help you download it quickly.

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