How to do a Net Inspection

Something that has come up this past season has been the pre-game net inspection.

I don’t mean the very first time when it’s done during the pitch inspection. That’s the real one.

I’m talking about when the referee crew splits in the middle of the field and runs to check the nets before taking up their position. This one is for the show. It was recommended to me, as a referee, to ensure that my assistant referees knew how to do a net check with the appropriate mechanics.

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Final Middle 2013

So with insanely good weather today, it’s hard not to look forward to the final middle tomorrow of 2013 to cap off an interesting year. This was the weather two days ago. It’s been warming but likely only temporarily.


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FIFA Laws of the Game 2013-2014

EDIT: Please see newer post

So after my build-up to July 1st it came out today! No… Not another Harry Potter book but even better; FIFA’s latest edition of the Laws of the Game.

Is it weird that I have been visiting the site a few times a day for the past week and every hour today?

Check it out below!

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