FIFA Laws of the Game 2016-2017

In a ground-breaking move, the FIFA Laws of the Game is out earlier than ever before; April 13th.

Why you ask?

Great question. I’ve held off on paraphrasing FIFA articles promising some of the changes earlier this year. These will change the way we think about the game. Simply because it ain’t real until it’s on paper. That day is today.

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IFAB Law 11 Clarification

It’s not often that IFAB comes out with a clarification on something from the Laws of the Game but when it’s something as special as Law 11, they can make an exception.

We’ve talked about amendments in the past which generally happen on an annual basis as the sport evolves and things are being introduced. Clarifications, on the other hand, take effect immediately and are used to eliminate confusion in the interpretation of Law by referees and all other stakeholders.

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