Fixing Ervocom Flags

So I have been noticing that a lot of Google searches arrive at this blog searching for various terms and phrases like:

  • Why are my Ervocom flags not working?
  • How do I fix my Ervocom flags?
  • Ervocom cross tip screws
  • Ervocom referee flags faulty
  • Ervocom beeper is not working

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Ervocom Electronic Flags

ErvocomComing off earlier this week with a review on the Ervocom and Touchline electronic flags, I thought I would roll out a post on the biggest and meanest piece of equipment I have in my arsenal right now; the Ervocom electronic flags.

This is probably one of the most fun pieces of equipment I have been able to use in my refereeing career simply because it is the closest you can get to simulating a FIFA referee’s game experience! Everything in the system is very subtle and almost nobody will notice whether this fantastic accessory is in use.

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Ervocom vs Touchline Electronic Flags

This is the review that referees have been looking for (at least according to Google searches) courtesy of Hary Milas from Refsworld! Good thing I asked because few people in the world would be able to do this having access to both sets of flags without having to spend $1500!

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