FIFA Referee Age Limit Abolished

Rumours have been surfacing over the past few years confident that FIFA would abolish the age limit on international referees. Each time, it would return stronger in the form of news articles and even once, from the Third Team. Nothing concrete ever became of it despite the acceptance that it was a close-minded perspective to the game of football.


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Week 24 Part 2

I’m starting this post off with a picture of the Mexican coach, Miguel Herrera. Cuneyt Cakir had played an advantage off a Brazil foul and called it back because it failed to materialise. There were then appeals for a caution for the Brazil offender and the coach asking for a card. Here it is and my first GIF!

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Week 50, 51 & 52

The past two weeks wrap-up exams and mark the start of the Winter break. Break mind you being two weeks which is nothing considering a new school term starts right after and the marathon continues.

Plenty of photos on this post so it may be a lot to scroll through! My thoughts (the storyline) might be slightly muddled as it was hard to sequence three weeks worth of activity in one post when recalling.

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A Hand at Instructing

I thought I would take a shot at instructing since I’ve been doing a lot of studying off-the-field and wanted to get back to a more direct role of teaching referees.

In the past, I had mentored and taught brand new referees but this was a different ball game. A room full of referees vastly more experienced than I was. Quite intimidating.

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Ervocom Electronic Flags

ErvocomComing off earlier this week with a review on the Ervocom and Touchline electronic flags, I thought I would roll out a post on the biggest and meanest piece of equipment I have in my arsenal right now; the Ervocom electronic flags.

This is probably one of the most fun pieces of equipment I have been able to use in my refereeing career simply because it is the closest you can get to simulating a FIFA referee’s game experience! Everything in the system is very subtle and almost nobody will notice whether this fantastic accessory is in use.

I purchased my personal set in September 2011 from Since then, Continue reading