Reflection and goal-setting is how the ambitious achieve what seems impossible to the ordinary. As a result, I’ll be keeping in check with this habit and giving me more accountability in developing as a referee and a┬áblogger.

Common Sense

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Week 12

I was offered games in the Youth Premier League for the end of the week. This time in the U18 Boys division and it was for a triple-header! I was immediately wary. I knew I couldn’t handle three games in the middle in this weather. I knew that I would be able to manage to do it but I didn’t want to do that. I would be fatigued and my performance would be affected by it. I expect more. I value my performance too much to accept the extra game so I let the assignor know. Two games it was.

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Referee Match Fitness

I was watching a FIFA Futuro DVD video on referee fitness and gazed in awe at one particular clip showing multiple back-to-back counter-attacks done by both teams on the field causing the referee to run at full tilt all around the pitch. The amount of running was noticeably exhaustive however, it really opened the eyes of those who didn’t notice right away.

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Week 3 & 4

I think this past week has to be the busiest week of all time for refereeing off the field/court. Considering that I hardly officiated, it makes it all the more odd that I was this intensely busy.

I expect this to perhaps be one of the longest posts I have ever written; hence the long delay in getting it up.

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Futsal Referee Fitness Testing

To my surprise, I found out that FIFA has three different referee fitness testing systems for the various sports! I’ve been training for the FIFA HI test all this while in my football goals.

I’ve clipped out FIFA’s Regulations for Refereeing for the Member Associations here. This only contains the fitness testing component for referees for easy reference.

As a result I decided to have a run at the Futsal test in Week 52, two days after my HI run.

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