Referee Coin Toss: A Case Study

First impressions. They last. Unfortunately if you don’t make a good one, it’s hard to repair it again unless you can truly impress. Referees are constantly forming first impressions for players when we arrive at a new field, a new game and a new team. This quite often starts at the coin toss where we call on the captains.

Having watched a fair amount of televised matches, I came across one of my favourite executions of a coin toss in a UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final match between AC Milan and FC Barcelona at the San Siro on 28th March 2012. The referees in charge of this match included Referee Jonas Eriksson assisted by Stefan Wittberg, Mathias Klasenius, Strombergsson and Stefan Johannesson; the Swedish UEFA elite referee crew.

The raw video file of the toss is below.


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New Equipment for 2013

I’ve done my end-of-year referee shopping and not surprisingly, none of the items are from Canada. Taxes and super high mark-ups… Pfffft. Most of it originates from Australia, Germany, UK, USA and Dubai, UAE! Now this starts me in the referee accounting books in the red for the year but only temporarily. I should be back on track by the end of the month. Hopefully… because that’s what I always say!

Anyways, here are some of the spoils!

An ITOOTR flip coin courtesy of Mike Register in Atlanta, GA! Nice momento. Flip Coin Flip Coin

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