FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game 2014-2015

I think I am rather late to the party with this post because I’m sure it came out a while ago but’s re-structuring threw me off for a few months.

The FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game latest edition came out. A bulk of football’s amendments over the past few years made to the LOTG was incorporated in this round to the FLOTG and we have a new cover photo from the Futsal World Cup 2012 Thailand. Not to mention a new design choice for the pages was selected making it a nice change for readers.

Check out the new cover photo!

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Week 21

Refereeing is absolutely not a walk in the park (despite what my posts on the blog may lead you to believe). 😉

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Week 18

There were some very entertaining matches to watch in the Champions League, La Liga and BPL in the past two weeks with the European season coming to a close. That only means that the Canadian season is starting and for this year, so is the World Cup.

The weekend was filled with excitement despite being on the other side of the planet for the Nationals! My team began their trip on the Friday and kept me posted on the progress during the group stages. Was glad to hear that all the players were active and scoring especially when we met the eventual winners. It was quite a back and forth and there I was sitting watching the Twitter page for updates watching the score go back-and-forth.

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