A cover to cover of the Laws

Have you ever read the Law of the Game cover-to-cover? It’s an amazing read if you ever have. The Laws of football is eye-opening to anyone who reads it, especially for the first time. Keep in mind, if you read it before the major overhaul two years ago, you’re due for another read.

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Week 13

My request for late night games worked because two rescheduled games appeared for the week. I accepted both game offers and prepared for a bit of travel. The first game was Monday night at a local school. I had already been there a few weeks ago so I knew what to expect in terms of facilities.


I arrived at the school about 27 minutes before kick-off. I was rather annoyed at being three minutes past when I wanted to be there. To my utmost annoyance, the security guard at the entrance of the school didn’t permit me to enter through the entrance I did the last time. That meant I had to walk around the boundaries of the school. Arrival went from 27 minutes to 7 minutes before kick-off. I was clearly not happy Continue reading

Busy First Week of 2013 Season

Watching the exhibition game two weeks ago aside, this week has been and will be hectic.

Wednesday 8th

HI Test practice. 8 interval laps at Provincial standard.


Full HI Test practice including sprints and 10 interval laps at Provincial standard. A little work to do before I’m quite there. Will never know until I run the real test. We ran it later in the day at 8:30pm and by the time we had completed lap 10 of the interval test, I could barely see my colleague in front of me. Training goes on whether day or night!

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