Mental Preparation

The idea of this post came from Week 22 Part 2.

I was chatting with a referee colleague who discussed how he felt before a game and how he has done his best to change how he comes into a game from now on so that it wouldn’t affect his officiating. Spelt out, he meant Mental Preparation.

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Week 20

As games are coming up, I expect there to be more blog posts since there is more to talk about but let’s see what time I have to unload them all!

Road trip at the start of the week and a long one considering it was the first time on my own.

Why you ask? To meet an Aussie! He had my… Continue reading

U15 Cup Tournament Round Action

This past weekend closed off two Cup appointments from one of my favourite local schedulers who pulled me out of the biggest rut I have faced a couple of years ago. The two past days leading up to it were very hectic due to commitments to school work and I hadn’t slept over the past two nights (literally). The night’s rest before was crucial so I did everything I could to ensure I was 100% back up and running to give my best for these games. After all, they don’t just hand them out to anyone!

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