Assessment #1

“You haven’t passed your assessment”

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IFAB Law 11 Clarification

It’s not often that IFAB comes out with a clarification on something from the Laws of the Game but when it’s something as special as Law 11, they can make an exception.

We’ve talked about amendments in the past which generally happen on an annual basis as the sport evolves and things are being introduced. Clarifications, on the other hand, take effect immediately and are used to eliminate confusion in the interpretation of Law by referees and all other stakeholders.

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DOGSO-H or Offside?

To give you a bit of a teaser/backstory, have a read of Third Blind Mouse’s piece on this situation.

People may think that the laws/rules of sports are simple. This scenario can show just how mind-boggling a scenario in football can be.

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Week 13

My request for late night games worked because two rescheduled games appeared for the week. I accepted both game offers and prepared for a bit of travel. The first game was Monday night at a local school. I had already been there a few weeks ago so I knew what to expect in terms of facilities.


I arrived at the school about 27 minutes before kick-off. I was rather annoyed at being three minutes past when I wanted to be there. To my utmost annoyance, the security guard at the entrance of the school didn’t permit me to enter through the entrance I did the last time. That meant I had to walk around the boundaries of the school. Arrival went from 27 minutes to 7 minutes before kick-off. I was clearly not happy Continue reading

Week 37

The first day of the week was a couple of Mens recreational games with my instructor who I took my referees course with. It had been a while since I had seen him so it was definitely nice. That’s a lie. I was super excited about it. It was only the second time in four years I had seen him.

I was brought up and taught both in my youth and early years of refereeing with a simple phrase/saying.

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