Holiday Football

It was a humid Middle-Eastern evening as I sat on the porch looking down at my socks. I was wearing mid-shin socks over compression socks to reduce muscle vibration. Only problem was that my toes didn’t have as much grip as I want but I wasn’t refereeing so eh. Also, the color contrast looks pretty cool too. I was wearing compression shorts as well under my Adidas refereeing shorts. The only thing left to do with old edition uniforms are to use them for training.


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Week 11

I started early in the week playing some football. Doesn’t happen often but I like to think of it as part of my training.

I joined a pick-up game and felt I had a great game. I came as a substitute to cover any playing time for the regulars that showed up. Ever since I picked up refereeing, I’ve been paying closer attention to player tendencies and styles. It helps me understand the game better, team tactics and even individual tactics. It’s only natural that these habits get adopted on the field when the ball is at your feet. I felt my awareness of the vicinity has expanded a great deal.

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Week 39

Swamped doesn’t even begin to describe the week I had. The worst part is that an identical week is coming at the end of October. It’s a storm that’s hard to prepare for. It’s a busy term.

Monday and Tuesday were football days but playing. It’s a good change and playing at a higher division level sometimes shows some of the deficiencies I have while playing.


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Week 3 & 4

I think this past week has to be the busiest week of all time for refereeing off the field/court. Considering that I hardly officiated, it makes it all the more odd that I was this intensely busy.

I expect this to perhaps be one of the longest posts I have ever written; hence the long delay in getting it up.

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