Game #19 & #20

Both of these games were quite interesting and I won’t divulge absolutely everything but the highlights.

Game #19

Soooooo no assessment. Unfortunately. Didn’t have an assessor.

Nevertheless, the game was a good one and a battle for second place in the league; crucial given that playoffs were approaching quickly.

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Game #13, #14 & #15

The last week was slower but by no means less busy. A lot of mentoring and referee-spectating in the mid-week when I didn’t have games. I guess my week had something referee-related everyday.

Game #13: A nice long break before this game after crazy game #12. This was the second part of a double-header so I was low on energy since I was fasting up until kick-off. The Gatorade really brought my energy level back up.

Game #14: Youth competition where it was great to see players come out to play and a minimal number of fouls.

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Game #9, #10, #11 & #12

It’s been a busy week. Four middles and a change of having competitive youth competition and to cap it off with a bang in Mens competition.

How many times have you done a game experiencing Ervocom electronic flags, being at the field 2+ hours before kick-off and having ball-boys to provide replacement balls? Not to mention having to resort to a fourth referee uniform colour because the primary three are being used!  Continue reading

Week 26

So Week 26 is about to begin. The conclusion of Week 25 was slow on the refereeing front. I have been absolutely MURDERED by assignments. School assignments. Urgh. It’s slowing down a bit but not as much as I had hoped. Hopefully this long weekend can let me get a grip on things.

In other news, I have been inactive when it comes back to my qualifying games mission in terms of middles. Two lines last week but this week spells some excitement and experience with three middles and an opportunity practice on feedback from assessments. I’ve been collecting field rust or whistle rust rather! All three are top-tier youth games so they should be excellent games.

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