Week 15

April is turning out to be quite the footballing festival but it’s all culminating to the biggest bi-annual match in world football; El Clasico.

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Game #4: Reflections

Reflections, reflections, reflections…

I have reflected after each of my games this season on how I’ve managed them and how they could have gone better (relatively). This was a game for reflection both before and after I received my assessment report.

I feel a reflection is never complete without another neutral person’s perspective on how the game went; not necessarily an assessor. I’ve sometimes watched a game that I thought was out of control but those in charge didn’t think anything was out of the way. Hence I promised myself that I never wanted to be misled to believe that any game I managed was in full control without further input. I’m also coming to a stage where all the officials I am working with in my crew are older than me so there is far more benefit and less pride/awkwardness on the line in helping me improve. Advantage!

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