Super Cup, Day 1

Week 14 and 15 were dominated by the Super Cup.

The countdown was on as it was leading up to the end of March. I knew the tournament was getting closer but it was more exciting to know it was in my own backyard! A local international tournament. I don’t think an opportunity like this would ever happen again.

I touched-base with the referee coordinator (RC) who sent last minute instructions ahead of the opening match day for arrival, equipment and attire. The field venues were in the outskirts of town in the desert area but once you stepped into the complex, it looked far from it. The facilities looked beautiful.

Day 1

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First Game of 2014 Season

The anticipation for the first game is always high considering there is more than six months indoors.

I planned every element of the pre-game build-up. Having arrived back in the country a little more than 48 hours before kick-off, my first priority was re-aligning sleep schedule so that I was mentally prepared. The first night I had to sleep in three shift segments. I spent the day after watching the first day’s tournament games and was out for 5 hours. This helped me stay awake for the rest of the day but I was worn out by the time I got home and was out like a light.

I didn’t have my entire kit with me for the games; just my umbro and I co-ordinated with the rest of my crew to make sure they at least matched as assistants; they wore the 2014 kits. The majority of my referee stuff was in storage or out of town. More on that in the next post.

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Week 39 & 40

Week 39 & 40 rolls by! It’s astonishing to see how fast time is flying by. The first week’s weekend was quite quite busy with the W.Cup, assessment game, a Provincial match appointment and watching more league recreational Futsal. A great and enjoyable weekend all-in-all.

Tuesday, Wednesday

Both match days, Tuesday, Wednesday was spent watching Futsal games at the local court and ensuring that referees were officiating games up to the league standard and adjusting to the new sport. Not only referees but players too! I was spectating the vast majority of games and I even officiated one of my few game shifts of the term and had a lot of fun Continue reading

Victoria Day Long Weekend Travel

The long weekend had arrived on Thursday evening (Friday has no classes for me this summer). What was my agenda? Refereeing of course! This was the season kick-off weekend after which all the leagues start. I was called by a fellow colleague in Toronto to join his crew (a familiar one) several weeks earlier and I was very much looking forward to working with them.

Three match appointments each day. Two days. Two lines and one middle each day.

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Futsal Cup 2013 Recap

A late recap but a recap nonetheless. Better late than never as they say.

An Early Start

So Match Day 1, Saturday, was very interesting. An early start to the morning was spelled with my phone vibrating at 5:45am. I slapped it for a snooze until 5:50am before I fully opened my eyes to see that it was still dark outside. A colleague of mine had offered to give me a ride to the tournament venue; a college in the destination city which was 45 minutes drive away. He mentioned that he would pick me up at approximately 7am so I went through my usual morning routine and had a quick breakfast of cereal. I didn’t have time the night before to supply my gamebag with the day’s needs (extra drinks and snacks) and extra clothes so I allocated some time in the morning routine. I dressed up in business casual attire (although not required but rather out of courtesy). Now business casual in my field/industry is defined rather differently; software developers don’t really communicate with customers all too often. In summary, t-shirt and pants.

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