Week 52, 1 & 2

Overall, it has been a slow three weeks (or two really). Happy New Year by the way!


I had a short trip to the beach…


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Week 51

I spent the better part of Monday travelling. It was rather bulky carrying my Winter jacket throughout the journey but I knew it would perhaps be for the last time so I put up with it not fitting into my carry-on baggage. Was great to see family again after eight months away and back in the Middle East.

My transfer papers arrived in the form of a letter so I’m armed wherever I was to go. I also got the e-mail confirming the success of my maintenance of my referee classification. I wasn’t worried about it at all but good news should always be a victory!

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Week 26 & 27


I received some motivation in Week 26 to work harder on my local RA initiatives since I was a representative from the younger group of referees. The referees in the past generation had taken charge when they were moving up through the ranks always having the young injection of enthusiasm so I sat down to look at other RAs and what was successful for them and what could be replicated for our own. Continue reading