Game #19 & #20

Both of these games were quite interesting and I won’t divulge absolutely everything but the highlights.

Game #19

Soooooo no assessment. Unfortunately. Didn’t have an assessor.

Nevertheless, the game was a good one and a battle for second place in the league; crucial given that playoffs were approaching quickly.

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Game #13, #14 & #15

The last week was slower but by no means less busy. A lot of mentoring and referee-spectating in the mid-week when I didn’t have games. I guess my week had something referee-related everyday.

Game #13: A nice long break before this game after crazy game #12. This was the second part of a double-header so I was low on energy since I was fasting up until kick-off. The Gatorade really brought my energy level back up.

Game #14: Youth competition where it was great to see players come out to play and a minimal number of fouls.

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Game #9, #10, #11 & #12

It’s been a busy week. Four middles and a change of having competitive youth competition and to cap it off with a bang in Mens competition.

How many times have you done a game experiencing Ervocom electronic flags, being at the field 2+ hours before kick-off and having ball-boys to provide replacement balls? Not to mention having to resort to a fourth referee uniform colour because the primary three are being used!  Continue reading

Game #8: Game Day

So after surviving a busy week full of mid-term preparation and assignments that culminated yesterday, there’s no better way to unwind than to ref a game!

Thankfully I’ve been able to chat/connect with my crew a lot more than I’m used to. Well then again, I have only been assessed twice before so it’s a nice change to be able to quickly get a hold of all members to chat and arrange an early arrival at the field. I’ve already spent quite a bit of time co-ordinating and arranging uniforms to ensure we all match and look good for the game so I look forward to our presentation on the field.

I have really felt the importance of building a panoramic view from my last game and hope to execute it well today via a good S-diagonal patrol path on the field.

Game #8: Build-up

Another assessment game coming up soon and hopefully a chance to show that I have reflected and been aware of my areas for improvement in the games since then. I have one last opportunity to practice this Sunday in Game #7 to assure myself that I am ready to perform above the expected competency so hopefully things will go well.

The crew I am working with will be interesting as one member is a close friend studying with me at the university that I regularly interact with. I worked with him once last week in Game #6 so it was good preparation. The other member I had met and observed before but never worked with so hopefully the game will run well.

I have refereed one of the teams exactly a month earlier. Oh wait. I forgot to mention this is my Women’s game assessment so I am taking nothing for granted.

Game #6

So I just realised I happened to be recapping on even-numbered games (Game #2, Game #4…). Complete coincidence of course.

This game was a tough fixture and I was aware going in as the teams had a reputation of going at each other. I joined my colleague who was assigned with me as my Assistant Referee; this was the first time we were working together. We met an hour before kick-off and travelled to the field in Cambridge.

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