Week 39 & 40

Week 39 & 40 rolls by! It’s astonishing to see how fast time is flying by. The first week’s weekend was quite quite busy with the W.Cup, assessment game, a Provincial match appointment and watching more league recreational Futsal. A great and enjoyable weekend all-in-all.

Tuesday, Wednesday

Both match days, Tuesday, Wednesday was spent watching Futsal games at the local court and ensuring that referees were officiating games up to the league standard and adjusting to the new sport. Not only referees but players too! I was spectating the vast majority of games and I even officiated one of my few game shifts of the term and had a lot of fun Continue reading

Week 28

So yesterday was an interesting day after an entire week off of refereeing. Or at least five days… Four actually. A little less than 96 hours. FINE! It wasn’t that long. I was meant to have an assessment game mid-week but unfortunately a game schedule change had it moved to a date I am not available at so it left my weekday schedule clean open. No complaining since I had a lot of school work to do.

I wasn’t planning on doing anything at all during this week until Continue reading