2015 – Game #1

The highlight of this week has been returning to my high school to officiate a football match. This is especially the case as I started refereeing there and it’s where my roots are.

I started off with a late wake-up. I was up late watching Atleti play Barcelona in La Liga officiated by Undiano Mallenco. In my opinion, it was a well-handled match and looked like he had good match control for the most part.

The next morning, my cousin and her son (my nephew) came to visit. I think my nephew was excited to see my Fuleco (he had one too) but more so to see the ball in its hand that he tried to tear out! Luckily I rescued Fuleco in time with all its body parts intact. My cousin mentioned that the weather outside looked great. A good omen.

Referees are a bit of a novelty because they are scarce for the purposes of this context. More to come on that.

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Week 45 Continued

Rewinding back to this Wednesday, I was busy settling into work at home after having returned from classes when… I heard my roommate through the wall burst into tears and saying “No no no no no…”. I have to say I was puzzled right at the time until it clicked in my mind. UEFA Champions League was on and Arsenal was playing Borussia Dortmund away. My roommate was an Arsenal fan so I could only assume Dortmund has scored on them but by the time I got onto an online stream, I saw Arsenal had scored and were 1-0 up. This left me even more puzzled so I walked over to his room and asked him what was going on. He was crying with happiness. The weirdness of football. Continue reading

Week 33

So week 33 comes to a close with a vacation and a break from the field. It’s far from being detached from refereeing because I will definitely miss every second of it and be thinking of it. It also doesn’t mean that training has stopped either!

There is a post to follow this on the recap of Game #19 and #20. Stay tuned for that.

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Week 26

So Week 26 is about to begin. The conclusion of Week 25 was slow on the refereeing front. I have been absolutely MURDERED by assignments. School assignments. Urgh. It’s slowing down a bit but not as much as I had hoped. Hopefully this long weekend can let me get a grip on things.

In other news, I have been inactive when it comes back to my qualifying games mission in terms of middles. Two lines last week but this week spells some excitement and experience with three middles and an opportunity practice on feedback from assessments. I’ve been collecting field rust or whistle rust rather! All three are top-tier youth games so they should be excellent games.

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