In the Opinion of the Referee
A great website hosted by Mike Register, a USSF referee, with great case studies and discussions on everything refereeing in the major footballing leagues around the world.

Third Blind Mouse:
The Third Blind Mouse, is run by a friend by mine. He focuses on various nuances of our game today and a look at various incidents.

RefereesWorld UK
A referees podcast you don’t want to miss out on. The ‘Referees World Podcast’ is presented by level 5 referee & broadcaster Darren Cullum (aka Daley) and PGMO Assessor, Richard Melinn. Great audio to listen to during the journey for a game.

Hong Kong Referee
A very analytical website run by a referee from Hong Kong, China. Some great analyses on game situations in the English Premier League, MLS and any other noteworthy incidences that help in referee technique, positioning and reaction.

US Referee Connection
The US Referee Connection provides update on news worldwide from the North American perspective. I very much enjoy receiving e-mails in my inbox from them as it includes an encompassing update on what has been going on with referees around the world and on the continent. This great site is run by Francisco Davila.

Soccer Referee USA
This site has a great quizzing tool great for education run. Keep a look out for this on Refereeing Stores to keep an eye out for to purchase equipment and accessories.

Football Refereeing Blogspot
This website is great to view referee appointments for FIFA-level matches. I keep my eyes peeled here before big games to see who is in charge of the fixture.

Refereeing World Blogspot
A blog on refereeing news worldwide with the largest blogroll I have ever seen that epitomises connecting all referees online on the right-hand side bar. Several FIFA Referee blogs as well!

FIFA Referee News
A website with very detailed referee appointments and rosters for FIFA tournaments.

Refereeing Academy
Laws of the Game-related news.

Ken Aston:
A website dedicated to Ken Aston, the inventor of the yellow and red card, the norm of the game today.

Play the Advantage:
PtA started up very recently but I have quickly taken a liking to the blog posts and writing style. If you are remotely interested in football and referees, you’ll love it.

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