July-September 2017

Ooof. What can I possibly say here?

Yes, I’ve revived a bit with blogging. Free time during travel has afforded me that luxury. The last three months have been quite phenomenal. I had grown so mentally bored of football refereeing that I felt I had lost sight of the grand purpose. Of why I was doing it. It wasn’t challenging anymore. I was truly in a rut or at least,┬ámentally.

Then, opportunity came along. Fate played its hand.

All of a sudden, I remembered. I needed to complete my refereeing goals for the year.

  • Getting assessments done in a timely manner
  • Completing my fitness test
  • Reaching the calibre of games I wanted to
  • Figuring out the pathway to the next level

There was a lot to bootstrap for. Some dormant part of me has awoken.

Let's hear your call!

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