Feature: Refsworld Card Skins

If you haven’t already tried these, you are missing out.

Card skins are plastic see-through stickers that can be stuck onto a regular card and easily removed as well. What’s the difference between this and a write-on card you ask?

Reasons why I love the card skins:

  • No damage to cards when stuck on and peeled off
  • Writing comes off easily
  • Can be used with whichever set of cards I prefer to use
  • Don’t need to use unless there is a shower (I’m old-fashioned enough to use paper match cards as long as I can)

I prefer using large discipline yellow and red cards which is similar to the b&d (Germany) card sizing.


I haven’t heard a single person say anything bad about this product yet. Why? Because it’s fantastic!

Here’s a look at me messing around with my card skins.

Pencil, Power Tank pen or Permanent Marker (Sharpie) works well to write on them. The Refsworld card skin wipes work well but so does alcohol based substances like deodorant/perfume.

Be sure to stock up!


Here’s the product page if you are interested in buying.


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